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French Fries and Onion Rings

Tandoori Chicken Wings

Fried marinated chicken wings tossed with hot spicy sauce

Fish Fingers:

Finger cut marinated fish served with lime wedges and tartar sauce


VEG. Sizzlers

Makhmali mushroom

Mushroom stuffed with cheese yogurt flavored with ginger

Lasooni paneer tikka

Home made Cheese marinated in turmeric powder flavored with garlic.

Hara bhara Kabob

Spanish and green peas flavored with green chilli.

Paneer mirch kabob

Home made cheese coated with bell peppers and deep fried

Vegetable Pakora:

An assortment of vegetables deep-fried in chickpea batter

Mixed Platter (Good for 2 guests):

Paneer pakora, Veg. Pakora, Tikki served on a sizzler

Chat Papri:

Flour Cripies mixed with curd and spices

Non Veg. Sizzlers

Afgani suffed Tangri Kabob (mild)

Chicken drum stick stuffed with Cheese and nuts, marinated with chewnut based marination.

Murg Malai Tikka (mild)

Chicken breast marinated in yougurt and cheese flavored with coriander and Cardamom

Hydrabadi Gosht Sheekh Kabob (spicy)

Minced Lamb flavored with mint, coriander and Indian species

Gilafi Chicken Sheekh Kabob (spicy)

Minced Chicken coated with bell peppers cooked in tandoor (clay oven)

Tandoori Chicken wings

Chicken wings marinated with spices and cooked in tandoor served on sizzler

Trio Chicken

Chicken marinated in chef’s special three marination.

Zafrani Jingha

Prawn marinated in yogurt flavored with saffron


Manchow Soup:

Vegetarian soup prepared with, herbs and spices.

Garden salad:

A healthy, colorful variety of fresh mixed garden greens and toppings with vinaigrette dressing

Chicken salad:

Marinated grilled chicken with fresh Garden salad with raita dressing



Bharta (Egg Plant):

Exotic grilled eggplant cooked with herbs, tomatoes and various spices

Palak /Saag Paneer:

Spinach cooked with homemade cottage cheese, cooked in spices

Matar Paneer:

Peas cooked with homemade cottage cheese, cooked in spices (Very Mild)

Daal Tadka:

Yellow Indian lentils cooked in garlic butter and spices

Daal Makhani:

Black lentils cooked with butter

Aloo Gobhi:

Potato and cauliflower cooked with Indian masala

Zira Alloo:

Potatoes cooked with Cumin Seeds and spices

Channa Masala:

Chickpeas cooked in spices

Paneer Tikka Masala:

Oven roasted home made cheese cooked with green, red and yellow pepper.

Paneer Labobdar:

Home made Cheese cooked in chef's special curry.

Malai Kofta:

Deep fried home made cheese and flour dumplings tossed in a rich smooth gravy.

Mixed Veg.


Butter Chicken:

Chicken breast marinated in yogurt and spices, barbecued in the tandoor and cooked with creamy tomato gravy. Ideal for all (Very Mild)

Chicken Tikka Masala:

Pieces of chicken tikka cooked with onions, green peppers, tomatoes and spices

Chicken Curry:

Chicken cooked in chef’s special curry

Madras Chicken:

Chicken cooked in curry leaves coconut and mustard seeds

Seekh Kabob Masala:

Chicken kabob cooked in chef’s special curries

Lamb Dish:

Lamb Rogan Josh: A special preparation with fresh tomato, garlic and garnished with tomato and fresh cilantro (Medium Hot)

Goat Curry:

Goat cooked in chef’s special curries and spices


King Prawn Masala:

King Prawns cooked with onion tomato and fresh coriander (Medium Hot)

King Prawn Saag:

A medium King Prawn curry cooked with spinach and selected spices

Fish Masala:

Fish cooked with onion tomato and fresh coriander (Medium Hot)

Korma: A mildly curry cooked in creamy sauce with almonds and sultanas. (Very Mild) **

**Choice of Vegetable, Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Prawn**

Goan Fish Curry:

Fish made with Goan style coconut gravy


Basmati Rice:

Basmati rice, cooked with very small amount of onion, cumin and mild spices

Peas Pulao:

Basmati rice, fried with peas, onion and almonds

Hydrabadi Chicken Biriyani:

Basmati rice, fried with chicken, mushrooms and onions

Vegetable Biriyani:

Basmati rice, fried with vegetables and onions

Lamb Biriyani:

Basmati rice, fried with lamb and onions

King Prawn Biriyani:

Basmati rice, fried with King prawn and onions

Recommended Side Dish: Raita (Yogurt)


From our own Tandoor

Butter naan:

Plain naan with melted butter

Garlic Naan:

Naan with garlic

Paneer kulcha:

Naan stuffed with cottage cheese

Aloo kulcha:

Naan stuffed with potato, fresh mint and cilantro

Peshwari Naan:

Naan stuffed with coconuts, sultanas and almonds

Tandoori Roti:

Unleavened whole wheat bread baked in tandoor